Thom Markham and Project-Based Learning

Pro D Day, Oct. 24th, 2014

Session: Outline from Thom
Location: Royal Colwood Golf Course
Time: 9:00am- 2:30pm??
8:30am Coffee and muffins
9:00am- 10:00am Discussion #1
10:00am- 10:15am: BREAK
10:15am- 12:00pm: Discussion #2
12:00pm- 12:45pm: LUNCH
12:45pm- 2:30pm: Discussion #3

*Lunch will .....

About Thom:
My approach to educational transformation includes sharing a powerful, field-tested model of project based learning (PBL) that invites inquiry, innovation, creativity, and intellectual depth. This model aligns with a systematic redesign of schools and learning environments by integrating PBL with a high performance culture, whole child principles, teacher discovery and empowerment, teaching and assessment of 21st century skills, an inquiry-based curriculum, and use of digital resources for teacher and student collaboration. All of my work is rooted in three themes essential to education in the global age: Opportunities for every child; the reunification of brain and heart; and the global ideal of a just world. I have worked with over 200 schools and districts, and conducted workshops for nearly 5000 teachers across five continents, providing proven methods and resources for designing high quality, challenging, authentic projects in all disciplines, including science and engineering.

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Mark Batten